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Friday, December 10, 2004

Post election developments [by Mark]

I have substantially recovered from the sadness and despondency caused by the election. THANK YOU to the many of you who responded with kindness and words of encouragement and solidarity. It made a big difference to me.

I wanted to let you know of some post election developments that I think are quite troubling. My only request is that you read this information and perhaps acknowledge that homophobia is out there. Each of you will encounter it in jokes, off-the-cuff comments, and outright disriminatory remarks. If you feel comforable doing so, please jokingly or otherwise let it be known that you do not agree. The world has enough problems without the distraction of hatred pointed at a mere 2-4% of the population. As a father of two little girls who have homosexuals as parents, I will be greatly appreciative of any efforts you make on our, and by extension, their behalf.:)

In reading these, you may want to start at number 3 and work up...

1. ABCs 20/20 Sensational Revisitation of the Matthew Shepard Murder
If I ever hear liberal media bias again I think that I will scream. The truth of the matter is that our modern media has changed from a source of information to an entity that appeals to the basest instincts of different aspects of our population in order to hook the maximum number of viewers, readers, or listeners. As consumers of information, any one of us can easily find evidence as to how the media is left or right. The bottom line is that we all need to be incredibly vigilant in our consumption of information from these sources. I do not believe that anything can be unequivocally trusted anymore, including this e-mail! We all have to use our brains.

With that said, it is disturbing that ABC News chose to reinterpret Matthew Shepard's murder. While many of their points may have been interesting to contemplate at the time of the investigation and trial, I think that an "investigation" 5 years later that ONLY includes information that was not garnered under OATH in a trial is highly suspect. Why did the producers of the segment not include information from people who testified under oath or interviewed hundreds at the time of the murder?

My belief is that gay bashing is all the rage now and ABC News wants to get some of those viewers back from Fox. You make your own conclusions but here is an interesting discussion of the program and its sources

2. Michigan moves to revoke partner benefits
As you know, the recent election featured 11 ballot measures that supporters argued were necessary to protect marriage. Personally, I think that my friend Bob's proposal to constitutionally support marriage is a good one: 28th Amendment - Marriage shall be recognized as the union of one man with one woman until death. Civil Unions will be recognized as the union of any two people for the purpose of domestic partnership. Sundering of civil union will only be possible through state by state governance. News flash: homosexuals are not the problem, divorce is. Target it, not us.

Anyway, so many supporters of the ban against gay marriage said that it was only about marriage, and voters said ok. But lo and behold! Based upon the 58.6% electoral support of Michigan's constitutional ban, now domestic partner benefits, gay and otherwise, are being reviewed for elimination in state contracts. Somehow my health benefits through Erik's company are a threat to marriage. Explain that as being anything but hateful and discrimanatory.

Read about it here: Mich. moves to revoke partner benefits

3. ABC, NBC, and CBS refuse to air the United Church of Christ's inclusive advertisement
This probably should have been number one. The UCC has a new paid advertisement out championing their inclusive policy. However, because this policy includes homosexuals, it has been deemed, quoting here, "too controversial." Finally a church is inviting everyone to celebrate Christ and Christian principles but the media declares it too controversial? Whatever.

Check out the ad through either link below and make your own decision. Again, I just have to scream "liberal media??????"

or directly:

Thank you for making it this far!



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