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Friday, March 25, 2005

Re: "After Signing Schiavo Law, Bush Says 'It Is Wisest to Always Err on the Side of Life'" (Page 19, March 22)

[a letter I sent to the New York Times]

Dear Editor,

On the day Bush reminds us of the value of life, other news expose his hypocrisy. Others, like the "Bishops [who] Fight Death Penalty In New Driveā€ (same page), also value life. If for no other reason, our court system has been known to execute innocent (mostly poor and poorly defended) people. And with another major school shooting incident that same day (front page), one wonders if erring on the side of life wouldn't also require stronger gun control laws? This president has erred against the side of life on capital punishment, gun control, by rushing to war, and by presiding over an administration that tolerates an increase in poverty and actual number of abortions. The recent media and legislative hysteria over the Schiavo case is nothing but populist, shallow and deceptive politics as usual.

Ron Poole-Dayan


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