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Thursday, June 01, 2006

About all inclusive Family Day - guess where?

This post is in honor of Blogging for LGBT Families Day. I was glad to hear about this initiative at the Gay Parenting Show (highly recommended!). It reminded me of what I recently learned about a growing world-wide tradition to declare a "Family Day" instead of the more arcane "Mothers Day". You see, as a two-fathers family, our kids have to deal with this awkward "holiday" every year. When I was telling my mother on the phone to expect some cards that our kids "helped Aba and Daddy make for their mothers", she was surprised. Because guess what - my parents live in Israel. And apparently several years ago, the Israeli Parliament passed legislation changing Mothers Day into a more inclusive "Family Day". In explanation, the legislators noted that this is done in respect of changing social norms, and the variety of modern family structures, among them those headed by same-sex parents! Take this, all you right-wing religious fanatics who spread hatred in the name of the supposed "Judeo-Christian" tradition. Zion is a light to the nations after all.
I googled the term "family day" and found that indeed there are quite a few other nations that declared such a day. What's amusing is that my mother was convinced that they made this change in Israel so late, since probably the US must have long done so already. You see, outside of the States, some people still thing that everything is more advanced in America. Don't we wish.


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